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How great was it that you clarified that "allowing" is actually detachment.  That made it so clear and simple whereas others have made it sound almost mysterious and difficult!  What I loved most was "drawing a line in the sand and saying "NADA MAS!!"  How empowering and inspirational.  It really shifts the concept of feeling like a pawn for the Universe or even just acting out of respect and subservience.  Many of us need to take our power BACK and remember that it is OUR life to co-create and direct.


Namaste, Mellanie

Have you ever wondered why some people have a knack for making thousands, sometimes even millions of dollars in a single week?

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It's a fact, you are reading this for a reason. You have specific problems in your life and nothing seems to go the way you intend them to go.

You wonder why other people are happier than you, have a better job or career than you, make more money than you, have a better family than you. You wonder why others seem to have a better life than you.

You seem to always ask, why is this happening to me? Why me? Nothing seems to go right. Why do I have these problems?

And I'm sure you've felt at times that your life really is a disaster. Not all the time, but if you're like me, you've probably thought that once or twice.

And you will agree that life is not always perfect. But it's quite obvious though, this is not the way you intended your life to be. Maybe you just took a different path at some point in your life, but the reality is that it is YOUR life.

You've made all the decisions. You've made all the choices. And where you are in your life right now is a result of those decisions and choices you made throughout your life.

Now, let this all sink in for a minute. Think about your life and all the problems you face on a daily basis. Can you picture it? What do those feelings mean to you?

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How to dramatically boost your wealth, success and happiness. (It's about having the ability and power to do the thing you want to do; when and where you want to do it.)
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